About Us

Greendeli Foods Co., Ltd established since 2003 with 15,000,000 company’s registered captial by Acting Capt. Panya Chairattanaphanich, managing director who’re D.B.A student at Eastern Asia University. The company has been experiencing in operating  this agriculture business more than decade in which we are the tropical and winter vegetable & fruit grower  such as Nengi, Bell Pepper, Carrot and etc. Moreover,we are running both fresh & processed productsaccording to customer order (made to order) by chilling and frozen with IQF system such as Frozen Bell Pepper dice, Onion dice, Frozen Nengi cut into piece, Frozen Chinese Garlic mill, Frozen Ginger mill, Frozen Coriander Root mill and etc.

Greendeli Foods Co., Ltd emphasize on  good standard of manufacturing that received GAP certificated (Good Agricultural Practices) which issued by Department Of Agriculture about growing vegetables free from residue and safety for consumer. Futhermore, Our factory also received GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in standardized manufacturing for assuring customers’ confidence who’re food processing industry for exporting.

Therefore, we’re expecting to produce our outputs to reach an international standardunder brand name “GREEN DELI”         by our company’s business philosophy is “we are your business partner”.